A casino is a place where people should relax and have fun. However, some people keen on gambling turn into gambling addicts, and the desire of excitement as such overshadows all other needs. We are not in a position to restrict access to our games for such people and can only give some tips about the responsible game principles. And we promise to do our best for you to enjoy the game.


So, it's time to get straight to specific tips and recommendations. Use them and enjoy the games.
Don’t spend too much money. First, determine the amount of "spare" money which you would not mind spending. Keep in mind that a game is always a risk. As for us, we give you a chance to limit the amount of deposits for a Day/Week/Month. If necessary, follow the link Limit management and take this opportunity.
Besides, where necessary, you can set your limits for the amount of bets you can place per Day/Week/Month. This function is also available if you click on Limit management.
Spend only your own money for gambling. Never spend the money you borrowed. And do not borrow them to bounce back. Trying to solve financial problems through gambling is a warning sign.
Keep the game under control. Decide in advance how much time you will spend for visiting a casino. We all know how fast time runs during gambling, especially when you have luck. Do not let the game manage your time, because you have some other things to do. A wake-up clock will help you. Entertain yourself. Gym, knitting or just walking outdoors. There are so many ways to enjoy your life. Gambling is just one of them, but for sure it should not become the only one.


If you need to take a break from gambling, you can block your account by contacting the support team. To do so, you should send an email to Please note that your account will be blocked in 24 hours. Blocking cannot be cancelled until the blocking period expires.


GamCare, a leading credible organization providing consulting, advice and practical help in dealing with social consequences of gambling in the UK. You can check out its website at Confidential hotline: 0845 6000 133.
Anonymous Gamblers, an association of men and women who have teamed up to solve their own problems related to gambling and help other incorrigible players to do the same. It has regional representative offices all over the world. The information on services rendered by Anonymous Gamblers can be found at the website
Gambling Therapy provides support and consulting services for those who have suffered from gambling. Members of the gambling therapy group work both in the UK and abroad. You can find information about the website at


Gambling in our casino is prohibited for people under the age of 18. We check the age of all our clients. If we identify a gambler who has not reached the required age, his/her account will be immediately blocked forever.


Filtering allows parents to control the Internet access based on selected criteria. Parents can apply filters to prevent their children from accessing gambling sites. If you share a computer with your family or friends who are not allowed by law to register and place bets on our website or if someone asked you to block access to gambling on your own, please consider the following options for filtering and Parental control:
Net Nanny™

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